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Well Water Guide Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide – see Free Tip below:

All the secret TIPS people do not want you to know are in this unique eBook. Our company helped many well owners by telling them the tips over the phone.  They happily fixed the equipment themselves. When the pump or tank no longer worked, they called us.  After we closed our pump and well drilling business, our customers begged us to publish all our tips.

There is a Handy one-page Quick Guide to isolate the problem faster and see which part needs help. Often it is a small part adjustment needed, or you can buy some parts at the Hardware Store. Included in the eBook are tests you can do on your equipment to see if they are working or need replacement.  (Look at the Table of Contents on our web page)

Free Tip: if your pump is going off and on continually, your electric bill will go very high.  Turn off the pump. Turn it on only when you need water. Read other tips for information on how to fix it.  This one tip saves you money, get the book to get the rest of the money saving tips on troubleshooting and maintenance.

We give you so many ways to save money and time. Every well owner should have this eBook, especially during an emergency, or if they want to know the parts better to see which part to replace, saving money without trial and error. During a winter freeze we had 370 Phone calls requesting help. I put the tips on our phone message so most people could fix It themselves. We want everyone to be helped by this information.

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